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Decorative Patterned Asphalt Stamping by Surface King

Asphalt Stamping FloridaTraditional asphalt is popular for its practicality, efficiency and low cost. But people often find it boring and unattractive. Stamped asphalt pavements are popular alternatives to brick paver surfaces and textured concrete. It has become the preferred cost-effective technique for adding beautiful, inviting walkways and entrances to a location. It is also known as “StreetPrint” or pavement texturing. By using state-of-the-art equipment and application methods, Surface King's striping technicians can give your project a sleek, modern look that will last for years. Surface King's team of craftsmen have the know-how to create asphalt surface that comes as close to perfection as possible, whether it is paving a brand-new asphalt parking lot at any of a wide variety of commercial, industrial, or educational facilities or simply improving an existing lot. Call between 8am and 6pm on weekdays and ask about our precise infrared heating asphalt stamping, decorative paving, pattern paving, and decorative stamped asphalt experience. Use the contact form for direct texting to the foreman.

What is Decorative Stamped Asphalt?

Stamped asphalt is a decorative product which is made by transforming regular asphalt into imitation brick, stone, or slate. The process involves the creation of an impression into an asphalt surface using a combination of heat, a stamping template, and a plate compactor. Creating impressions in the asphalt can be achieved by working behind a paver or reheating the asphalt with reheating equipment.

Using production details to explain, ordinary asphalt is imprinted (stamped) using a welded wire rope template configured as a grid pattern that replicates the look of hand laid brick. There are two methods of stamping using a template: (1) New asphalt application, and (2) Re-heat existing asphalt using the Thermotrack precise reciprocating heater system. Either option the asphalt has to be warm within a specific temperature and pliable to accommodate the template and achieve the proper imprint. After the template is depressed into the asphalt, it is removed carefully. This process is repeated until completion. The final step is to apply the ULRA BOND UB 300 two-part epoxy coating system which protects, simulates the color and texture of real brick if the project requires. Despite asphalt's dark nature, it can be colored many shades - ranging from soft, creamy colors, to warm, bold colors. Painted asphalt lasts many years, but Surface King is asked frequently to recoat stamped asphalt done by other contractors.

Cambridge stamped asphalt patternWhat are the Benefits of Stamped Asphalt?

Asphalt has a continuous surface unlike brick, which inhibits weed growth, erosion, shifting problems associated with freeze, thaw and vehicle movement. Patterned asphalt is more flexible and repairable than other systems and resists cracking. Also, because it is still an asphalt surface, it benefits from a greater durability over individual bricks. Overall cost is dramatically less than other methods offering a similar look, thus making stamped asphalt a more cost-effective option.

  • Decorative appeal over a plain surface
  • Extends the life of the asphalt considerably
  • Protects the asphalt from UV rays
  • Is much cooler than traditional asphalt in the sun
  • Is non-slick when wet and safe for wheel chairs

The Durability of Stamped Asphalt

Maintenance required with a stamped asphalt surface is minimal. No individual bricks need to be reset after a tough winter’s freeze-thaw cycles. You don’t have to worry about pulling weeds that grow through the cracks of a regular brick layout. Textured asphalt surfaces are excellent for crosswalks, shopping center walking plazas and residential streets and driveways, to enhance any streetscape. The textured asphalt not only provides the convenience of a tough driving surface but will help water drain through the grout lines more rapidly, providing better traction in bad weather conditions.

From basic to intricate, we can simulate many types of masonry, stone and tile patterns, and it doesn’t stop there. By using special stamping templates we can create wide and varied types of textures that work best for your design objectives. All of our decorative stamped asphalt is installed by our trained professional crew. If you are interested in getting a quote on your stamped asphalt project or to learn more, please contact us today and ask about our precise infrared heating asphalt stamping, decorative paving, pattern paving, and decorative stamped asphalt experience. Use the contact form for direct texting to the foreman. Discover the beauty, the benefits and the advantages stamped asphalt has to offer.

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